Our eggs are now available for

purchase at

City Folks Farm Shop

4760 North High Street

Columbus, Ohio 43214

Everyday Acres is a 6.5 acre farm in Granville, Ohio, about 30 minutes east of Columbus. Our values are:

~ Supporting our local economy
~ Decreasing our environmental impact through reducing, reusing and recycling
~ Providing quality wildlife habitat
~ Chemical-free agriculture and property maintenance

~ Improving heritage breed genetics

Heritage livestock breeds on the farm include:

Red Dorking Chickens  – We are breeding these chickens to more closely resemble their original form. We sell eggs, whole frozen chicken, hatching eggs, and chicks.

British Guernsey Goats – British Guernseys are the American version of Golden Guernseys, a rare breed from the Channel Islands.

Great Pyrenees – We have a brother sister team of Great Pyrenees dogs to help protect our livestock from predators.