Barns and puppies and chickens, oh my!!!

The barn is done! Well, the structure is complete. Derek and I are working on the inside, but the general structure is done now. It’s hard to express how wonderful it is, to me, to have a safe place to keep livestock. This suburban girl’s dream has come true!


The inside has come along quite nicely – Derek has been my barn angel, so prepared with his plans to put the insides together. I gave him a sketch of what I wanted and he made it a reality. We had about 3,000 pounds of wet, rough cut red oak to move for the stall construction and it went smoothly with our teamwork!



Since the above pictures were taken, the doors have been completed…and two Great Pyrenees puppies now call the barn home along with the chickens. I chose Great Pyrenees as livestock guardian dogs (LGD) because they are very friendly with people and a popular LGD, so it was easy to find a breeder close enough to drive to for puppy pick up. The white pup is Lady Bird and the black and white pup is Jack. They are amazing. I’ve spent a week with them so far and have had so much fun figuring out their personalities. They are both gentle and sweet, and I look forward to loving on them every day.



The chickens have moved into the barn as well, so the puppies can start getting used to and bonding with them. Today we built a fence in the largest stall in the barn so the chickens are on one side and the pups are on the other. Hopefully with this arrangement the dogs will start getting used to chicken noises and movements.


The chickens are ever resilient and seem to be adapting just fine to the barn. It’s just incredible to have a place where I can sit with the pups and watch them play with each other, while I listen to the chickens scratch and cluck. Having a barn is just as wonderful as I thought it would be. I’ll post more updates soon! 🙂


  1. So happy for you! ! Love readying the updates!

  2. Oh my! Puppies!!!! And just look at the new barn! You two must have worked very hard to do so much. Looking forward to hearing about the latest antics of the animals, Antonio, Little Girl, Lady Bird And Jack.

  3. This is great! I’m so happy for you!

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