Hi friends. We’ve been busy this spring keeping everyone fed, watered and happy and preparing for the next stage of chicken growth. The Red Dorkings turn 8 weeks old June 6, so I’ve been preparing to weigh, re-band and separate the males (cockerels) and females (pullets) by then. The ladies will join our four grown chickens in the big stall in the pasture, and the boys will get to live in the woods, kept safe (hopefully) by electric poultry netting surrounding their stomping grounds.

I built a practice roost for the little ones to get used to roosting at night:

and Derek built a beautiful, bigger roost in the big stall for when the ladies move in there. We were also able to adopt a dog I’ve been hoping to adopt since last December – she is the mom of my favorite office dog (we can bring our canine friends to the office I work in) and I’m just so happy Cookie is here!!!

Today Derek and I built the greenhouse I bought on Amazon that will serve as a place for the cockerels to roost at night in the woods. Both ends have doors so I’m hoping to keep it cool enough for them by keeping it wide open during the day – every day is a new adventure figuring out how to make this work this year, so we’ll see if we have to alter it or add ventilation this summer.

Don’t get too attached to that damn sexy man ladies, he’s taken! Next is setting up the electric fence around the greenhouse and moving the chicks, which includes banding and weighing again as they grow. I’m pretty excited for these chicks to finally get a chance to get outside and start foraging now that they will have enough feathers to stay warm enough. I’ll be real excited when this next phase is done – then it’s smooth sailing to eggs from hens and processing cockerels…right?!? 😉