A few weeks ago Derek and I (and my amazing mother-in-law and group of friends and co-workers) gathered at Everyday Acres to process the Dorking cockerels that were not chosen as breeders. Sad to send them off to chicken heaven, but they had a great life while they were here, didn’t have to be stressed by transporting to a processing facility, and they will be meals we can all feel good about!

Here are some pictures from processing day (thank you Kelly Henderson!) –

Getting started and learning how to eviscerate:

Kill cones, plucker and scalder:

Happy eviscerators!

FINALLY the last chicken!

I can’t thank all of our amazing volunteers enough – this was our first year processing and we absolutely could not have done it without them. Now we have a freezer full of chicken…how to cook them?! Check out our pageĀ Cooking Heritage Poultry and keep your eye out for an upcoming blog post.