Your purchase from the farm supports our breeding flock of the Red Dorkings, which helps preserve this beautiful heritage breed as a productive chicken with hope for a future. Choosing to purchase products form our flock gives them a chance to thrive as an alternative to industrial poultry production and non-heritage breeds. Thank you for your support!

Pullet eggs:

These little adorable eggs are what pullets (chickens that haven’t laid an egg yet) lay when they first start laying eggs. In the fall we often have some of these adorable little eggs for sale!

Price: $3 a dozen

Chicken eggs:

These are full size cream colored chicken eggs from our Red Dorking flock. We have a few Ameraucana hens to add a blue egg or two to the carton, as well as Jersey Giant hens for some brown eggs. We purchase other chicken breeds from small scale breeders to help support our local economy.

Price: $5 a dozen

Frozen Chicken:

This season we have whole processed Red Dorking, Ameraucana, and Jersey Giant chickens for sale. Try a heritage breed for dinner! Sizes are around 4-5 pounds.

Price: $3.50 a pound

Contact me at or 740-809-2089 (voice or text) for availability. Thank you so much for your interest!